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Just in case you don’t know us…

FIAT Club America is the largest and most active FIAT brand enthusiast group in North America, with local chapters holding yearly events that draw attendees from all over the world. Founded in 1983, this is a real club with a solid history of success, with name recognition by FIAT. Our prominence was recognized by Laura Soave, Head of FIAT Brand, North America, as she chose our National Convention in Asheville in July 2010 to announce the Prima Edizione, the first new FIAT to be sold in North America in 27 years.

We have always met the needs of new owners (back when ‘82 FIAT were new!) and of course vintage car enthusiasts. We are thus uniquely qualified to be the umbrella organization for all FIAT fans. Our club produces a full-color magazine packed with member-written articles, technical tips and news relating to Italian car ownership.

We are much more than cars, though. We enjoy the camaraderie that starts with the spark of a common passion, and spreads to friendships that extend well beyond automobile ownership. But the cars are indeed a centerpiece, and they are Italian!

One of our founding members frequently quotes the great automotive journalist, David E Davis Jr:
“The Germans invented the automobile
The Japanese made it affordable
The Americans made it a disposable item
but, the ITALIANS taught it to dance & sing!”

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