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Dear FCA Sponsor,

Once again the Fiat brand is becoming a household word in North America with over 170,000 cars sold in the last three years. Thousands of classic Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo owners have played an important role to preserve our Italian car heritage and enable an incredible positive shift in the perception of our brands to the buying public.

Fiat Club America’s mission is to serve the classic vintage Fiat/Lancia/Alfa owners AND the new owners in North America. FCA is in an excellent position to enhance your business. Our club magazine “Ricambi” is the finest Fiat-Lancia publication in the marketplace, mailed to current subscribers and associates. The website is an essential part of Fiat enthusiast’s experience and often the first stop in finding parts and services for their cars. FCA is pleased to offer its advertising program rates for 2015. Ricambi billing is based on publication frequency:


Print Advertising Program Description Vendor Cost
Ricambi Print Ad: Full Page Full color print ad runs in each issue. Per issue rate $275
Ricambi Print Ad: 1/2 Page Full color print ad runs in each issue. Per issue rate $150
Ricambi Print Ad: 1/4 page


Website Program

FulI color print ad



Web ad

Per issue rate $99


Ad Discription

Permanent Fixed Banner Ad on main FCA web page Fixed Banner ad Permanent link on main page and rotating link on other pages and link page hot link:

$125 / quarter

Ad runs 24-7 on the front page of the website. Ad will appear on rotation basis on the subsequent pages.

Net cost $42 per mo.

Rotating Ad on content pages after main home page Banner ad appears plus listing link.

$75 / quarter

Content pages run after main home page

Net cost $25 per mo.

FCA “Hot Link” text listing Hot link on FCA site

$30 / quarter

Hot Links page list

Net cost $10 per mo.

Yearly Calendar Ad Sponsor $100 / Sponsor Ad Print Calendar Mailed


Call 770-932-2380 / E mail or Marc Matzer for further information and to place an ad.

Remit address: Fiat Club America P.O. Box 563, Coldwater, MI 49036

Fiat FreakOut 2015 is July 16th to 19th, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA   Room rates start @ $119/ night.

Thank you for your support of Fiat Club America!

John Montgomery -President, Fiat Club America

Marc Matzer -Advertising Chairman, Fiat Club America

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